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IV THERAPY with elysian

IV Therapy is one of the most effective tools to replenish fluids and electrolytes. IV Therapy delivers fluids through a tiny needle directly into the bloodstream. These fluids can contain medications, vitamins, and minerals to help hydrate, relieve unpleasant symptoms, or boost performance, energy, and overall wellness.

Types of IV Therapy we offer

Hydrate yourself with an IV bag of fluids.

The IV that started it all! This is an IV nutrient supplement formulated more than 30 years ago to help promote healing and restore energy and stamina. The Myers Cocktail helps boost energy, promotes immune health, and enhances skin.

Are you feeling fatigued or have headaches/migraines? Are you jet-lagged or tired from traveling? Maybe late-night partying or simply feeling overworked from a long week has got you down? This recovery IV hydrates, restores electrolytes, and helps reduce headaches and upset stomach. It also provides the energy boost required to jump-start your week.

Helps with appetite suppression and boosts metabolism.

Smooth away dry skin, blemishes, wrinkles, and promote healthy hair.

Boost, revive, and restore your immune system; helps to combat viral and bacterial illnesses; expedites healing. This drip can get you feeling better quickly! This IV can help you accelerate recovery and bounce back quicker.

For our athletes looking to go the extra mile, lift that extra weight, or achieve your new personal best! This IV is infused with fluids, glutathione, magnesium, taurine, and B complex. This combination of nutrients can help hydrate you, aid in muscle function and recovery, and provide a boost of energy, as well as prevent muscle cramping and fatigue. This IV is beneficial before or after physical activity.

A little hydration to reduce the nausea and fatigue of pregnancy. Also good for breastfeeding moms who need a little boost.

This power-packed IV has EVERYTHING you need to rehydrate and give an energy boost! A top-shelf IV filled with the maximum dose of every nutrient we offer. Plus, you get a lipotropic shot as the cherry on top!

IV Nutrition Therapy
IV Nutritional Therapy

IV Nutrition Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy from Elysian Wellness & Aesthetics in Edmond OK. is a quick and efficient way to get critical nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants into your body. Whether you’re feeling under the weather, jet-lagged, are a competitive athlete, or want to take preventative steps to help slow the aging process and achieve optimal health, you will benefit from IV therapy. Almost everyone can benefit from this therapy. This includes those who are wanting to boost overall health with an increase in mood and energy.

IV administration of nutrients through an IV drip can achieve higher concentrations in the blood than through oral supplementation. It is well known that oral supplementation yields approximately 20% absorption, whereas intravenous therapy allows for 80-90% absorption. IV administration also helps avoid compromising digestive health. It is also helpful for those who have a higher need for these nutrients, such as athletes or individuals with high levels of acute or chronic stress and with lower immune functions.


Are there restrictions for getting IV Therapy?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older, and patients older than 65 must have a Letter of Medical Clearance from their primary care provider. Patients with certain health conditions may also be required to provide a Letter of Medical Clearance to ensure patient safety. Pregnant or breastfeeding patients may receive basic fluids, but need Letter of Medical Clearance if wanting to add any vitamin cocktails or medications to your IV session. If you have specific questions as to whether you might be a good candidate for IV Therapy, please contact our office prior to making an appointment at (405) 506-0300 or email info@elysianwellnessokc.com and request a nurse callback.

What conditions can IV Therapy help with?
Common uses for IV Therapy: Nausea due to morning sickness, hangover, jet lag, illness, post-surgery, etc. Illness recovery such as colds, flu, COVID-19, food poisoning, fibromyalgia or other autoimmune flare-up, etc. Wellness including antioxidants, hair growth, skin care/anti-aging, athletic performance, pre-travel immunity boost, etc. Migraine and headache Fatigue/feeling run down And more!
How long does an IV Therapy session take?

Typical IV sessions take approximately an hour. New patients please allow 1 ½ hours for your initial medical history and wellness assessment with first IV session.

Does insurance cover IV Therapy?
No, most insurances do not cover IV Therapy. You can use Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Saving Accounts (HAS) monies if you have those benefits through your employer. Payment is due at the time of service.
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