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Cosmetic Injectables include a wide range of services with the goal of helping you age gracefully and look more refreshed. At Elysian, our goal is natural-looking results.



OKC Neurotoxins
What Are Neurotoxin Injections

What are neurotoxins

Botulinum toxin Type A is an injectable neurotoxins better known under brand names as Botox Cosmetic™, Dysport™, Xeomin™, Jeuveau™, and Daxxify™. Neurotoxins are the most popular cosmetic procedure in the Us and are mainly used to smooth dynamic (expression) wrinkles that form as a result of facial movements, such as frowning, squinting, smiling, and other expressions we repeat daily. the treatment works by blocking the nerve signal to the muscles, causing them to relax. As a result, your expressions soften over time and reduce the chance of wrinkle-formation or decrease wrinkles that have already formed.

neurotoxin FAQ's

What is the difference between the different brands of neurotoxins?

At Elysian Wellness & Aesthetics, we carry the 3 top brands of neurotoxins: Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.
All are very similar. they each contain the same active ingredient: botulinum toxin type A and all are FDA-approved. The main distinction lies in their formulation, which affects how much the product spreads, how quickly a patient might see results, and how much dosage is needed. Dysport has the most active ingredient per unit of all the neurotoxins and is the most commonly used tox at Elysian, giving smooth, consistent results!

How long do results last?

Most tox results last 3-4 months. After injection, you may start noticing softening of wrinkles in 5-7 days, with optimal results around 14 days. Results really vary depending on the patient, area treated, product used and dose used. Dose used is directly correlated to duration, so trusting your injector with the dose they recommend is super important for longevity of your results!

What to expect during a tox treatment?

Your first visit will start with a consultation with one of our cosmetic injectors. A thorough medical history will be reviewed, as well as any medications you may be on, noting any that may increase your risk of bruising.
We’ll discuss your concerns and goals, take photos, and do a physical exam.
Most patients find topical numbing for injections isn’t necessary, but we may apply ice to the area prior to injections. The needles used for injections are very tiny and most patients describe injections as a little pinch and not much pain.
You will be able to return to normal activities right after injections, though we recommend taking the rest of the day off from exercise or strenuous activities, keeping your head upright for 4 hours, not wearing any tight headbands or hats that could create pressure on the injected areas. We also recommend avoiding facial treatments or massage of the treated areas for 1-2 weeks.

DERMAL fillers

Are you self-conscious about how aging has affected your skin? If so, it may be time to consider a way to rewind the hands of time. Dermal fillers in Northwest Oklahoma City from Elysian Wellness & Aesthetics provide long-lasting results by smoothing and filling in volume loss and wrinkles, giving you a younger and fresher appearance. Our dermal fillers incorporate the latest and most innovative technology. We are proud to offer a variety of fillers from the Juvederm, Restylane, Revanesse, Radiesse, and RHA collections. All have been FDA-approved for their safety and efficacy.

Dermal Fillers in Northwest OKC
How Dermal Fillers Help

How Dermal Fillers help

Dermal fillers are used to address a variety of aging issues by doing the following:


Dermal Fillers in OKC

Dermal Fillers faq'S

Ideal candidates are those who are looking for a minimally invasive means of erasing etched-in fine lines and wrinkles. Other qualifiers for being a potential candidate for dermal fillers include:

  • Patients might be self-conscious of how wrinkles and fine lines are affecting their appearance
  • Patients seeking preventative treatment
  • Patients with volume loss and facial aging
  • Patients are not pregnant or nursing at the time of treatment
  • Patients do not have an injury or bacterial infection at the treatment site

Our specialists will discuss your current medical history in order to properly determine if our dermal fillers may be right for you.

Every patient’s response to pain is widely variable. We offer topical and localized numbing options to create the most comfortable experience possible for patients.

Because everyone’s needs are different, and with such a wide variety of treatments involving filler, a personal consultation is the best way to establish cost as we create an individualized. With that in mind, filler treatments start at $650. This cost not only reflects the price of the product, but also the skill, knowledge and expertise of the medical injector. We do not price match.

Results are visible immediately after treatment. The healing process then begins, which involves swelling for about 3-7 days depending on the amount injected, area injected, and how your body reacts to the procedure. The product then settles, and you’ll enjoy your final results about 2-3 weeks after injections. Please give yourself a minimum of 2 weeks before any events or vacations in case of residual bruising and swelling. We commonly tell patients don’t love or hate your results for 2 weeks.

Bruising and swelling are possible; plan 2 weeks ahead of any events or vacations. Most of the initial swelling resolves within a few days.

Before and afters

Cosmetic Injections Before Cosmetic Injections After
Lip Injections In OKC Lip Injections In Oklahoma City
Dermal Fillers in NW OKC Dermal Filers with Elysian Wellness
Before Lip Injections in OKC After Lip Injections in OKC
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